The easiest way to describe TacFit is mobility training, TacFit also doesn't need a huge space, while you can work on 4 sq meter space, using only 1 or 2 clubbelss (as seen on picture), Kettlebell and body weight. Clubbell is an ancient working out tools, found in Persia, it creates shoulder mobility, unlike Kettlebell, Clubbel move on 360 degree rotation, so it does work your pelvis around. The body weight training adopted from Prasara Yoga and some ground fighting functional exercise. All of this exercise are packed into TacFit by Coach Scott Sonnon.

TacFit could be more fun exercise, softer movement with same impact as other functional exercise.

TACFIT is also applicable in sports arena which involve rapid burst-rest-burst energy system. With 6 Protocol Metabolic Wave, 4 Levels of Complexity, 6 Degree of Freedom applied to the individual program, there are no limits in sports specific design.TACFIT is able to provide a new dimension to fitness training by incorporating Circular Strength Training (CST) through the 6 protocols. Together with the Tri-Ring Integration of mobility exercises 1st ring, main training 2nd ring follow by compensatory integration 3rd ring, TACFIT provides a high intensity, health first programs.


Injury-Proofing: developing the range and depth of functional skills encountered during crisis response, and slightly beyond the scope of those skills in order to create a ‘safety valve’ for when movements deviate from the expected.


Prehabilitation: priming connective tissue, joints and joint fluid for performance to prevent injuries and to refine the ability to absorb and re-translate force encountered during tactical response.


Active Recovery: specific low-intensity mobility exercise to recuperate from intense effort to prevent overtraining, increase healthy circulation and diminish delayed muscle soreness typical of extreme exertion.


General Physical Preparedness: increasing the capacity to perform work at high intensity for repeated burst of short duration, and increasing the speed of recovery between bouts of activity.


Specific Physical Preparedness: sophisticating work capacity in multiple planes, three dimensionally through the six degrees of freedom – heaving, swaying, surging, pitching, yawing, rolling.


What is the Mission of the RMAX TACFIT® Team? RMAX International holds a two-fold mission: to promote tactical conditioning and integrated physical and morale training to professionals on a global scale, and to support our members in targeting the general and specific needs assessment of their team, company or unit. Our vision – “Surpassing ouRMAXimum Potential Together” – provides tactical conditioning specialists with a professionally tested and trusted, cutting-edge scientific resource to meet the needs of those who have the courage to move toward danger so that others may move out of harm’s way.Although conventional PT programs involve mono or bi-planar action on individual joints with long duration of single exercises, fitness demands multi-planar, multi-joint, multimodal exercise. The body acts as a balanced matrix: a sea of continuous tension pulling in with an architecture of compressive struts pushing out. TACFIT® increases the strength of integrity of that balance. The key to TACFIT® is teaching the body to act as an integrated whole in every action. Physical preparedness, as a result, must reflect the following goals:Functional, Varied and Improvised Movements: exercise must cover a wide array of reality-based skills.Physical Preparedness can be defined as the willingness and capacity to perform, improvise or resolve a continuum of reality-based physical skills. For crisis response, that work involves all of the tasks associated with performance. The demands imposed upon crisis responders vary in duration, complexity and intensity. As a result, TACFIT® enables you to execute both conventional and unconventional physical tasks. Incrementally Progressive: exercise must be intense enough to elicit an adaptive, but sustainable response. Increasingly Sophisticated: exercise must increase the neurological challenge of movements. Effort through Efficiency: exercise must maximize the amount of useful work. Minimizing Discomfort by Maximizing Technique: exercise challenge must derive from functional exertion not dysfunctional mechanics.

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gym crossfit kettlebell clubbell tacfit functional training fitness trx rip body building power lifting weight cardio yoga zumba wingchun aikido muay thai kick boxing wushu taolu sanshou sanda capoeira karate mma bjj judo wrestling krav maga kapap

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