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It's time for you to get out of your box and prove how much you made your body conditioning improvement through this fun and entertaining games, Battle of Ninjas. With 2 Stage of Run, Qualification Stage and Final Stage, 12 Obstacle on Qualification and 14 Obstacle on Final, in 3 days. This game is for everyone older than 15 years old, sports background is preffered. 

Event :

Registration :

Stage 1

September 4, 2015

10.00 am


Free Run

September 5, 2015

10.00 am

(registrant only)


Stage 2 Final

September 6, 2015

10.00 am


Terms & Conditions 

Age 16 years old and above

No Serious Injury, dissease or ilness (such as heart problem, liver                                                                  damage, etc)

Sports Background (any regular workout or spesific sports)

Sign disclaimer form (you can download on below link)

* For safety reason, we have the rights to decline the applicant      without any obligation to explain



Please Chose pdf or xls registration form format,

fill it in and send back to us thru our email below

For Local Payment :




Beneficiary : Cynthia Dewi




Beneficiary : Cynthia Dewi


Please Email the Transfer Receipt with Regristration Form

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