The National team of GS Lifter, found in 2011, by our team leader mr. Khrisna, the first Indonesian GS lifter.

Our goal is to educate and train people accross Indonesia to become Kettlebell Sports (Girya Sports) athlete.

Our achievement on Asia Championship level are beyond expectation, we won at almost every category of lifting, we always win on every category that we compete.

So far we still compete in professional category, but this organization was registered to National Comitee of Sports and hopefully soon we will be part of KONI (National Comitee of Sports)



So for anyone who interested on being an athlete of Kettlebell Sports, brings our nation flag abroad, share the love of kettlebells with everyone else in the world, with a dedication and hardwork you can join our team. just contact us at or for anyone live in the same city as our gym, you can just go straight to us.

For Workshop, Seminar and Certification Please Contact us at




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