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2000 The Beginning.....................

In Febuary 19, 2000, the first Rebel Gym was launched, at Jl. Ranggamalela 13, Bandung, Indonesia, on only 300m2 building area,  we started to build our community and in 10 years it's been more than 20,000 people were registered at Rebel Gym and more than 3,000 people are active.
With a Hardcore Gym concept, our gym design was inspired by "Temple Gym", the gym owned by a legendary Body Builder, Mr. Dorian Yates, beside being the first gym based on Martial Arts, Powerlifting and Functional Training. The gym also provide a relaxing and leisure facilities such as Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi.
On May 2000, Mr. Mark Hardiardja of Aikido Shudokan Indonesia joined us, open his first dojo at Rebel Gym, with a dedication, patience and good commitment, now Aikido Shudokan Indonesia is one of the biggest Aikido Dojo in Indonesia.

Since the gym become so overcrowded, on October 2004, we move the gym to bigger building at Jl. Prabudimuntur 4, about 500 m distance from the old building. We replace all fitness machine with new model, build a bigger Jacuzzi, bigger Dojo and more Fitness and Cardio machines. It's the first time we bring not only Body Building and Powerlifting, but also Functional training, Yoga and Modern Dance, we start to introduce to people how important to be fast, agile, flexible. It's hard at the beginning, but we never give up.

2004 Rise of Functional Training

2005 Goes To Mall

2005, we got an offer from a mall, "Jatos" and we think. "worth a shot", so we build a lifestyle, leisure and classy gym, on 900m2 area, we made a whole new looks on gym, turn a hardcore gym into a health club, Yoga and Aikido are set, quite a good response from new clients, tried to introduce a lot of new stuff, not only fitness and body building that clients a already known, but new Functional Training, not easy but we tried, Functional class went slow, but Fitness and Yoga went hot, this year, luck was not with us, problem with Mall Management that force us to made painful decision, shut it down !

2007 Born Of Side Alliance

Shutting the JATOS REBEL and move it to new place, and we call it the side alliance, a 800m2 2 stories building on Jl. Surya Sumantri 18, accross the 3rd biggest University in Bandung, we build another Rebel Alliance Gym, equipped with all Fitness Machines from JATOS and the Team, build a new CAVE SPA concept, we rocks this part of Bandung with a Rebel concept, always as new and update as always.

2009 Biggest Gym Ever

From Big Idea born a big gym, biggest ever, 3,000m2, 230 pcs of Fitness Equipment Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Freemotion, TechnoGym, Cybex, Startrac, 50 pcs of Cardio Machine, Boxing Ring, Elevated Running Track, Indoor Wall Climbing, Sauna, Steam, and DJ Booth, equipped with 4,000 watts of Sound System and Disco Lighting, it;'s the biggest and sophisticated gym that ever made in Indonesia. This year Kettlebell and TRX for the first time in Indonesia was Introduced.

The new Rebel, bring functional training to more serious level, with affiliation with IKFF (Internationa Kettlebell and Fitness Federation) and certification of our Master Trainer by TRX Fitness Anywhere, we go another step ahead, we educate people, share information. Now the gym has 55 pcs of Fitness Equipment, 15pcs Cardios, Threadwall, Boxing Ring, Monkey bar, full range of Kettlebell, Clubbell and full range of crossfit equipment, though we're not affiliate with Crossfit yet by that time, we tried to introduce Crossfit to people, of course it's not easy but our community grow

2009 The Revolution

2010 Rebel Kombat

The Biggest MMA gym in Indonesia, the first Octagon Cage inside a gym, Full martial arts class, from MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Sanda, Taolu, Taiji, Krav Maga, Pencak Silat, etc ALSO Functional Fitness Class like TRX Suspension, TRX Rip Training, RIP60, Kettlebell, Crossfit, Clubbell, Plyometry, Combine360, Yoga, etc and Regular Fitness gym for Body Builders, it's a gym for serious people, it's not a lifestyle, it's a completely workout gym

2011 Go International

Early this year, we built the Indonesia Kettlebell Lifter Team, prepare, train and bring our athlete to compete internationally, 

2012 Affiliation

Finally, we affiliate with Crossfit, for affiliation we are the second in Indonesia but being the first is not our goal, we just like to provide something that really works, not a promise that we can't keep. Also the affiliation with IKSFA, organization where Kettlebell Champions, Professor, living Legends unite, we are very honored to be affiliate with this Academy. 

2013 Affiliation

This year, our affiliation with Crossfit is done, now we affiliate with 1 of the best functional training concept and one of the hardest coach certification test. We are proud to be one of the leader in this organization.

We also built the concept of Kettlebell Functional Training and start the class at the end of this year.

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